Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa Releases New Music Video "Love Me"

 Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa Releases New Music Video
Voice actor Kana Hanazawa (Ichika Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets , Akane Tsunemori in PSYCHO-PASS ) released her much-awaited seventh original album, "Memoirs and Fingertips," in Japan on April 10, 2024. Following the lead track "It's My Thing," another music video for a new song from the album, "Love Me," is now streaming on her official YouTube channel . Kana Hanazawa "Love Me" music video "Love Me" was written, composed, and arranged by renowned vocaloid song producer/singer-songwriter Guiano. The music video, directed by Mou Ishida, features newly drawn illustrations by Akamoku, known for his works for Sega's Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! game series. "The illustration depicts Hanazawa-san, who is celebrating her 20th anniversary as a voice actor, and how she has come so far and how she will continue to live her life freely as she is!" He said on Twitter . Additionally, Hanazawa streamed a special program to promote the release of the album on YouTube last night. Two years have passed since the release of her previous sixth album, "blossom," in February 2022. The new 10-song album "Memoirs and Fingertips" features sound producers who have worked with Hanazawa since the beginning of her musical career, including Katsutoshi Kitagawa (ROUND TABLE), Reiji Okii , Hiroyasu Yano , and Dan Miyakawa . Additionally, Kei Sugawar a, Shuichi Mabe , Guiano and other up-and-coming artists also joined to create a new side of Hanazawa. RELATED: Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa Releases New Music Video "It's My Thing" First pres limited edition CD jacket Regular edition Canime ( Pony Canyon official online store ) limited edition Sources: Kana Hanazawa official YouTube channel , Akamoku official Twitter ©PONY CANYON ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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