RECAP: Solo Leveling Episode 2, "If I Had One More Chance"

 RECAP: Solo Leveling Episode 2,
Well, that escalated quickly. Solo Leveling , based on author Chugong’s web novel and illustrator Dubu’s webtoon, is one of the most anticipated series of the season. Meet hardworking E-rank hunter Jinwoo Sung and his allies as they fight monsters from another world. RELATED: RECAP: Solo Leveling Episode 1 "I'm Used to It" Let’s talk about everything that happened in Episode 2! And be sure to catch the next new episode of Solo Leveling , only on Crunchyroll. Warning: Full spoilers for the currently airing season of Solo Leveling follow. Seriously, major spoilers ahead! Under Pressure The stone floor of Cartenon Temple smolders from the statue’s attack and the party of trapped hunters continues to panic. The party leader, Song, credits Jinwoo’s quick-thinking for their survival. Jinwoo gasps as he notices Song’s lower arm has been severed. Jinwoo bandages the upper arm to slow the bleeding; the party’s distraught healer, Joohee, is curled into a ball. It’s the reason why she takes lower rank jobs, Song tells Jinwoo. RELATED: Solo Leveling Anime: Everything You Need to Know Song recalls the three “commandments” written on a tablet in the chamber: in order to leave the room alive the party must revere god, praise god and prove their faith to god. Jinwoo realizes the “god” in the text is the largest statue in the room. “Revere God” Meanwhile, at a local high school, Jinwoo’s sister Jinah greets her friend Song-yi as she sits down at her desk. Song-yi asks Jinah about her hunter brother, and she admits he’s only E-rank and gets injured often. Song-yi wonders out loud if she would be better at the job. Back in the dungeon, the party weighs their options. An impatient hunter decides he can reach the door with his enhanced speed; he is, in fact, not fast enough. As the party stares in shock at the hunter’s burning remains, Jinwoo wonders why the statue is leaving them alive for the moment. After testing his theory that his head must remain lowered to keep from triggering an attack, Jinwoo tells the others to bow before it. The party complies, and the statue powers down… then bares its teeth in an evil grin. “Praise God” The statue rises from its throne and stalks toward the hunters. Jinwoo quickly relays the second commandment to the others, “praise god,” but doesn’t know what it means. One hunter attempts to pray but meets a swift end under a large stone foot. Another hunter, Park, tries to take cover in front of a statue wielding a weapon, but is cleaved in two by its blade. RELATED: Solo Leveling Anime Begins the Hunt at the Tokyo World Premiere Jinwoo thinks on his feet, pulling a tearful Joohee along with him as he runs. He notices that a number of the statues hold weapons, but some carry instruments – a means of praise. Jinwoo shouts at the remaining party members to run for those statues. When they reach it, the stone figure plays its music and the hunter in front of it is safe. Jinwoo leaves Joohee at the base of one and takes off for the remaining figure with the largest statue hot on his heels. Jinwoo makes it to safety, but at the cost of his leg. “Prove Your Faith” Six hunters remain. An altar rises through the floor in the center of the chamber. Jinwoo knows that a sacrifice is usually the method for proving one’s faith. An angry hunter “nominates” Song due to his failure as party leader. Song takes responsibility for their situation and walks over to the altar; a bright yellow flame ignites as he approaches, but nothing else happens. RELATED: A Beginner’s Guide to Manhwa Jinwoo asks two hunters to take him to the altar to examine it. As they do, three more yellow flames light. The E-rank hunter considers waiting here to be rescued, but realizes the statues could break free from the dungeon and wreak havoc before that happens (defeating the dungeon boss typically closes the gate and monsters can’t come through). The hunters have no choice but to complete the dungeon. Elsewhere, hospital staff greet Jinah as she arrives for her daily visit. She takes a deep breath before cheerfully entering her mother’s room. Her mother, weak and unconscious, lies motionless on the hospital bed. Jinah tells her about her day. One More Chance The remaining hunters approach the altar, and their yellow flames and a ring of blue flame ignite. The door opens as menacing statues come to life around them. One hunter has had enough and she panics, running out the door. She makes it through. As her yellow flame goes out the door closes slightly, but still stays open. RELATED: Solo Leveling Anime Creditless Opening and Ending Videos Now Streaming As the blue flames start to extinguish one by one, Jinwoo understands their purpose as a timer, but isn’t sure what happens when time runs out. Another hunter runs away. Another one apologizes, crying that he has to live for his family, and runs out. Jinwoo asks Song to take Joohee out while he stays to keep the door open – it’s not possible for him to take her with his missing leg. Jinwoo says he’ll see her again. Left alone in the chamber, Jinwoo grabs a sword, but he’s no match for the attacking statues. His body is stabbed, slashed, battered and impaled by the time they’re done with him. Jinwoo gives in to anger and frustration as they strike. A statue swings the fatal blow as the last blue flame goes out, leading to… a glowing computer prompt? The notification mentions a secret quest called, “Courage of the Weak” before ending with the following: You have acquired the qualifications for becoming a Player. Will you accept? What’s next for Jinwoo Sung? Is anything next for Jinwoo Sung? Find out in the next episode of Solo Leveling, right here on Crunchyroll!

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