Gushing Over Magical Girls TV Anime Releases Creditless Opening and Ending Song Videos
Ecchi comedy anime Gushing Over Magical Girls began this season's premieres today, releasing creditless versions of its opening and ending theme sequences after the first episode aired in Japan. The former features "My dream girls" by NACHERRY ( The Little Lies We All Tell OP), while the latter features "Togetoge Sadistic" by Enormita. RELATED: Gushing over Magical Girls Anime Gets Special Collaboration Visual with Cosplayer Moe Iori Based on the manga by Akihiro Ononaka, Atsushi Otsuki ( To Love Ru Darkness ) and Masato Suzuki direct Gushing Over Magical Girls at studio Asahi Production, with series composition by Noboru Kimura ( Healer Girl ) and character designs by Tomoka Otaki ( A Galaxy Next Door ). HIDIVE announced on December 20 they will stream the series. J-Novel Club, which publishes the manga's official English version, describes the first volume here: Hi, I’m Hiiragi Utena. I’m a normal magical-girl-loving middle school girl—or at least I was, but then some talking mascot showed up out of the blue and cast a spell on me! Now’s my chance to join my beloved magical girls as...a villain? Hang on, something’s wrong with my outfit! This can’t be happening! Watch this shy magical-girl fan transform into a sadistic dominatrix! When good and evil collide, who will be the one to submit?! Source: KADOKAWAanime on YouTube ( 1 , 2 )

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