Godzilla Minus One Film Grosses Over 14 Billion Yen Worldwide

A special stage greeting event celebrating the blockbuster success of the Godzilla Minus One film was held at the Toho Cinemas Hibiya Theater in Tokyo on January 12. It was officially announced at the event that the film's worldwide gross (including Japan) surpassed 14 billion yen (96.44 million USD). The 30th Japanese Godzilla film opened in Japan on November 3, 2023, and has stayed in the box office top 10 for ten consecutive weekends. According to the film's official Twitter , it had earned 5.21 billion yen (35.96 million USD) on 3.99 million admissions in 70 days by January 11 since its release. The film was also released in 2,308 theaters across North America on December 1, 2023 , and earned 49.74 million USD (7.2 billion yen) in 41 days, making it the second highest-grossing Japanese film of all time (including anime) in North America. Furthermore, the worldwide box office gross (excluding Japan) exceeded 61.1 million USD (8.8 billion yen), bringing the total worldwide box office to 14 billion yen. As previously reported , the film's worldwide gross had reached 10 billion yen by December 22, meaning another four billion yen was added over the next 20 days. RELATED: Godzilla Minus One Film's Worldwide Gross Surpasses 10 Billion Yen Actors Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Kuranosuke Sasaki, and Mio Tanaka — the main cast members of the film — also attended the event. Director Takashi Yamazaki, who was in the process of lobbying for an Academy Award nomination in the U.S., participated remotely since the film is already shortlisted for visual effects. This is the first time a Japanese film is selected for the shortlist of the category. According to Cinema Today's report , in response to the expectations for a sequel from those who have seen the film, Yamazaki said, "I would love to make one. Let's all ask (distributor) Toho!" You can see in the video below of his statement. Sources : "Godzilla Minus One" official Twitter , Cinema Today ©2023 TOHO CO., LTD.

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