Snorlax and Cubone Become Friends in Official Pokémon Digest Video
If you need a little heartwarming healing in your day, then be sure to check out the “Snorlax and Cubone” digest video published on the Pokémon Official YouTube Channel . A compilation of four shorter videos originally published to Twitter and Instagram as part of “Project Snorlax”, the video follows Cubone and Snorlax as they grow closer as the seasons change. RELATED: Pokémon Details The Indigo Disk Scarlet, Violet DLC in Legendary-Filled Trailer Yoshimitsu Saito directs and storyboards “Snorlax and Cubone” with animation by Polygon Pictures. The short film also features a script by Yoshimitsu Saito and Midori Sato as well as the voice talents of Katsuyuki Konishi as Snorlax and Rikako Aikawa as Cubone , respectively. Source: ORICON NEWS

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