KamiErabi GOD.app Anime Continues with 2024 GAME RE:START

Episode 12 of the KamiErabi GOD.app anime just aired, and with it came the reveal of a continuation. Details are light, but next up for the series is KamiErabi 2024 GAME RE:START , which was announced along with a brief teaser clip.  Character designer Atsushi Ohkubo—the original creator behind Soul Eater and Fire Force —shared the following illustration. RELATED: ELAIZA's KamiErabi God.app Anime Opening Theme Music Video Streamed KamiErabi  GOD.app  is directed by Hiroyuki Seshita ( Ajin ) at animation studio UNEND based on the original concept from creator YOKO TARO ( Nier  franchise) and features series composition and scripts from JIN ( Mekakucity Actors ) and character designs by  Soul Eater  manga creator Atsushi Ohkubo. Crunchyroll streams the series as it airs in Japan, describing it as such: Goro, a first-year high school student at a private high school in Tokyo, has no hopes, no dreams, and no ambitions. The world is indifferent to him, and he has a faint longing for Honoka, a classmate from the same school. He and his best friend Akitsu live a boring, unchanging life. One day, Goro receives a strange notification on his smartphone: “You have been chosen. Breathe into me your wish." Thinking it malicious spam, Goro types, "I want to have sex with Honoka, the woman of my dreams.” The next day, Honoka invites him to drop his pants at an unpopular arcade… “Congratulations on your great accomplishment!” Then, a mysterious girl, Lall, suddenly appears. Confused by this series of events, Goro is told of a cruel fate. Goro has been chosen by the "Great Will" to become a god to make his wish come true. With other potential gods, they are to kill one another until there is only one left. The ability given is the "Scripture of Fools". At the cost of the "Misfortune" that befalls you, the power to twist the cause and effect of the world and manipulate the reason of this world at will. The first god candidate who appeared to kill Goro was, of course, Honoka, whom he had longed for. What choice will Goro make against Honoka, who attacks him mercilessly? Thus, the fetish battle royal by the god candidates, each with their own secrets, begins! Source: Official Twitter

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