Hayao Miyazaki's Classic TV Anime Future Boy Conan Gets Stage Play in Spring 2024

Following the great success of Spirited Away: Live On Stage , Hayao Miyazaki's another anime masterpieces is to be adapted into a stage play. It has been confirmed that a stage play adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki's classic TV anime in 1978, Future Boy Conan , will perform at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Playhouse in May and June 2024. After that, tour performances in various parts of Japan are scheduled. Future Boy Conan , a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV anime inspired by Alexander Key's novel The Incredible Tide , aired in Japan for 26 episodes from April to October 1978 as NHK's first domestic production cell anime series. The stage play is co-directed by Inbal Pinto and David Mambuch in collaboration. Pinto also works on choreography and arts. Inbal Pinto co-directed with Abshalom Pollack the stage play adaptation of Yoko Sano's picture book The Cat That Lived a Million Times , which won the Yomiuri Theater Grand Prize for Best Director and Best Production. Her other productions in Japan include Rashomon (co-directed with Abshalom Pollack) in 2017 and The Nejimaki Bird Chronicle (based on Haruki Murakami's novel, co-directed with Amir Kuliga) in 2020 and 2023. David Mambouffe is a resident performer at the National Theatre of the People in France, as well as a prolific writer and director, working on stage and multiple films. Source: Hiripro press release © NIPPON ANIMATION CO., LTD. “Incredible Tide” Copyright © 1970 by Alexander Key

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