Fourth Live-Action Kingdom Film Posts Release Date Teaser Trailer, Visual
The official website for the live-action Kingdom film, based on Yasuhisa Hara's historical adventure manga, announced the title of its upcoming fourth film: Kingdom: Daishougun no Kikan ( The Return of The Great General ). The film is set to release in Japan on July 12, 2024. Additionally, the site posted a 50-second "super" teaser trailer and visual featuring Wang Qi (Takao Osawa) holding a large spear. RELATED: Kingdom Live-Action Film Series Confirms Fourth Film The first live-action film, Kingdom, released in Japan in April 2019, followed by Kingdom 2: Harukanaru Daichi he ( Far and Away ) in July 2022 and Kingdom: Unmei no Honoo ( The Flame of Destiny ) in July 2023. The total box-office gross of the past three films in Japan to date has exceeded 15 billion yen (100 million USD). As previously reported , the production of the fourth film was announced at the stage greeting event for the third film on September 12. Shinsuke Sato, who worked on all three previous films, continues to direct. All the main cast members, including Kento Yamazaki, return. The story depicts a continuation of the Battle of Bayou which started in the third film. "I am very happy that the fourth film in the Kingdom series, 'Kingdom: Daishougun no Kikan' which will release on July 12, 2024," Kento Yamazaki said. "I am also happy to be able to play the lead role in the film series that has gone on to its fourth installment. This is because everyone has loved this series since the first film. Xin is a captain supported by many friends, and I am also supported by many staff and cast members just like Xin! In 'Kingdom: Daishougun no Kikan," we will bring you more heat than 1,2,3! Let's make next summer hotter than this year!" Sources : "Kingdom" live-action film series official website / Twitter (c) Yasuhisa Hara/Shueihsa (c)2024 Movie "Kingdom" Production Committee

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