Donkey Kong Country Opens Spring 2024 in Japan's Super Nintendo World
Universal Studios Japan announced today that the Donkey Kong Country expansion of Super Nintendo World will open to park attendees in Spring 2024. The attraction was first announced in 2021 , shortly following the opening of Super Nintendo World Japan. The attraction will expand the total area taken up by Super Nintendo World by 70 percent, with the opening of a new roller coaster reflecting the jungle setting found in the video game and a themed jungle area with shops, activities, and restaurants. Super Nintendo World first opened in March 2021 within Universal Studios Japan to great fanfare, in spite of repeated delays due to the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting the opening of the attraction from its original Spring 2020 opening date. The Super Nintendo World in Hollywood opened in February 2023. Sources : Famitsu on Twitter , Famitsu

By Crunchyroll feed