DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE Mobile Game to End Service for International Version

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? fans got to dive into the localized version of the DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE mobile game when it launched internationally back in March 2018. Now it's almost time to say goodbye, as the official website has announced that the international version will end service on February 28 at 10:00pm Pacific Time. From the announcement:  "We apologize to all DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE fans for this sudden announcement and would like to thank you for the the love and support you have shown us over the years." The end of service schedule has already started with the conclusion of sales for the Paid Iris in-app currency, as well as the end of new subscriptions and renewals for Premium Subscription Services as of December 27. When service ends on February 28, 2024, so will the usage of Paid Iris and the general distribution of the app in stores. Refunds will also begin for the in-app currency.  You can read more and check out an FAQ on the official website .  RELATED: DanMachi: Memoria Freese Lands Guinness Record for Most Spoken Lines in a Mobile Game DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE is based on the light novel series written by Fujino Omori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. Crunchyroll streams the second and third seasons of the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? TV anime, describing the story like so: Based off of a light novel of the same name written by Fujino Omori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda, Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is set in the world of Orario, where adventurers band together and look for treasures in an underground labyrinth known as Dungeon. However, for Bell Cranel, fame and riches are secondary to what he wants to find the most: girls. He soon finds out though, that anything can happen in Dungeon, and winds up being the damsel in distress instead! Sources: Official Website , Anime News Network

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