Contra: Operation Galuga Trailer Introduces 6 Playable Characters
WayForward and Konami first revealed Contra: Operation Galuga as a reimagining of the original run 'n gun classic back in September. Now we have a new trailer highlighting all six playable characters, from main heroes Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to Probotector, the robot that spawned from the European versions of the old Contra games.   RELATED: ROUNDUP: Anya from SPY x FAMILY Comes to Switch, F-ZERO 99 Released and More Contra: Operation Galuga will put players up against Story Mode, Arcade Mode and a Challenge Mode that features 30 missions that range from speedruns to limited ammo challenges and more. Following their work on Contra 4 for Nintendo DS back in 2007, WayForward's latest crack at Contra hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC in early 2024. Source: Konami

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