Urara's Power of Hope ~Precure Full Bloom~ 7th Episode Insert Song Preview Streamed

Soon after the broadcast of "The Fruit of Sadness," the latest seventh episode of the Power of Hope ~Precure Full Bloom~ TV anime in Japan, Japanese record company Marvelous' official YouTube channel has started streaming a preview video for the episode's insert song, "Yume de Ippai" ( Filled with Dreams ) sung by Urara Kasugano / Cure Lemonade (CV: Mariya Ise). In the story, the song was co-written with Syrup, who plays guitar, by Urara, who was given a week off from rehearsals for a play she was scheduled to perform in, as she worried about what the director wanted from her. This preview video introduces the first verse of "Yume de Ippai," then the second verse of the anime's ending theme "Shizuku no Precure" ( Drops of Precure ) performed by Cure Quartet (Mayumi Gojo, Yuka Uchiyae, Mayu Kudo, and Kanako Miyamoto). It was also confirmed that "Yume de Ippai" will be included in the ending theme's CD single to release in Japan on December 6, 2023. The CD jacket illustration for the single's regular edition featuring Urara has been revealed. As the long-time fans can immediately notice, it is a direct homage to the jacket of Urara's character song CD "Tobikkiri! Yuuki no Door" released in June 2007. The song was featured in the 20th episode of Yes! Precure 5 . "Shizuku no Precure / Yume de Ippai" regular edition CD jacket "Tobikkiri! Yuuki no Door" CD jacket "Shizuku no Precure / Yume de Ippai" first press limited edition CD jacket RELATED: Power of Hope ~Precure Full Bloom~ Anime Welcomes Yes! Precure 5 Mascots Nuts and Syrup to This Week's Episode As the sequel to the Precure franchise's fourth installment Yes! Precure 5 (2007-2008) and fifth installment Yes! Precure 5 Gogo! (2008-2009), Power of Hope: PreCure Full Bloom premiered in Japan on October 7, 2023. Crunchyroll is steaming the series for members in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, CIS, Middle East and Africa. Source: Marvelous press release / YouTube channel ©2023 Power of Hope: PreCure Full Bloom Production Committee

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