Ize Press Announces Six New Manhwa Titles at Anime NYC

Yen Press imprint Ize Press, dedicated to publishing Korean manwha and webnovels in English, took to Anime NYC today to announce its latest acquisitions including SSS-Class Revival Hunter and more. The Villainess Is a Marionette Synopsis: Kayena was used as a pawn in her brother’s schemes and left to die. When she wakes up in her third life, she’s armed with the knowledge of how her dreadful future unfolds. This time, she’ll be the one pulling the strings! Marriage of Convenience Synopsis: When her husband, Zachary, dies in battle, Bianca is thrown out and meets a miserable end—only to wake up as 19 years old again! This time, Bianca will ensure her survival, starting with mending her relationship with her husband! SSS-Class Revival Hunter Synopsis: Confucius Kim, an F-class hunter with zero skills, spends his days bemoaning his lame existence. Then one day, Confucius receives the ability to copy other people’s skills. The only catch? He has to be killed by them first! My Secretly Hot Husband Synopsis: Letitia's uncle sends her off to marry the infamous “Monster Lord” to fulfill an old debt. But once she arrives, her fear is quickly replaced by puzzlement. Why is her new husband so sweet, gentle and GORGEOUS?! Beware the Villainess! Synopsis: When a college student wakes up in the body of Melissa Foddebrat, the villainess of a reverse harem novel, she's determined to cast aside the plot and live a quiet life of luxury, but…AGH! Why are all the men in this novel trash?! Tied to You Synopsis: Wooseo never believed in fate...until a ring of red thread appeared around his finger! He decides to hide it from his friend and crush Jiseok, but as fate would have it, the person with Wooseo’s matching set is Jigeon—Jiseok’s older brother! Source : Ize Press on Twitter

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