i☆Ris the Movie - Full Energy!! - Anime Film Teaser Trailer Announces Release Date

The official website for I☆Ris the Movie -Full Energy!!- , a forthcoming anime film featuring the five-member voice actress idol unit i☆Ris , has released a 60-second teaser trailer announcing its release date of the early summer of 2024 in Japan. The clip depicts the beginning of the film's story, in which the five members of i☆Ris are transported to another world one day when they are surrounded by a ray of light, and a mysterious white squirrel is in front of them.... The site has also unveiled the five members' anime character visuals and the main staff. The members will also play themselves in the film. Main Staff: Original story: API x 81 Produce Director: Hiroshi Ikehata ( Kiratto Pri☆chan ) Screenplay: Hiroko Fukuda ( Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me ) Character Design: Kazuyuki Ueda ( Bang Dream! ) Animation Production: Studio GOKUMI ( Stardust Telepath ) Main Voice Cast: Saki Yamakita: Saki Yamakita Yu Serizawa: Yu Serizawa Himika Akaneya: Himika Akaneya Yuki Wakai: Yuki Wakai Miyu Kubota: Miyu Kubota White squirrel: TBA RELATED: i☆Ris the Movie - Full Energy!! - Anime Film Unveils Teaser Visual Teaser visual i☆Ris artist visual Source: "i☆Ris the Movie - Full Energy!! - " official website 1 , 2 ©API, 81P / Full Energy! Production Committee

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