Voice Actor Miyu Tomita to Release Second Album "Violet Bullet" in August 2024

 Voice Actor Miyu Tomita to Release Second Album
Voice actor Miyu Tomita 's second full album "Violet Bullet" is set to release on August 28, 2024, Tomita's record company Nippon Columbia announced on June 26 . Tomita's first album "Prologue" was released three years ago in June 2021. While playing many characters, such as Gabriel White Tenma in Gabriel DropOut (2017) and Karane Inda in The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You (2023), Tomita made her solo singer debut in November 2019, releasing five CD singles, one digital single, one full album, and one mini-album to date. "Violet Bullet" will include seven new songs, as well as the title tracks from her recent three CD singles — "OveR," "Silent Beat," and "Paradoxes." The album's lead track, "Ever Changing Violet," is written by the same team who worked on her debut song "Present Moment," with lyrics by Mayumi Kaneko and music by Shuhei Mutsuki. Tomita also wrote the lyrics for one of the new songs, "Stella." "For the first time since my first album, I also wrote the lyrics," Tomita said in a message video (below). "I put my past activities, dreams, and feelings for you all into the song, so please look forward to that part!" Her third solo concert, titled "Miyu Tomita 3rd LIVE - Violet Bullet" featuring the songs from the album is scheduled to open on November 10, 2024 at the Toyosu PIT in Tokyo. Advance ticket sales to members of her fan club "+you" will start on August 5. RELATED: Voice Actor Miyu Tomita to Release 5th CD Single "Paradoxes" in April Miyu Tomita Third Single "OveR" Music Video Miyu Tomita Fourth Single "Silent Beat" Official Audio Video Miyu Tomita Fifth Single Single "Paradoxes" Music Video Sources : Nippon Columbia press release, Miyu Tomita official YouTube channel ©2024 NIPPON COLUMBIA CO,.LTD.

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