Ensemble Stars! Franchise Streams 9th Anniversary Song "LIMIT BREAK DREAMERS" Worldwide

 Ensemble Stars! Franchise Streams 9th Anniversary Song
Ensemble Stars! , a male idol-featured Japanese game franchise developed by Cacalia Studio, started its service for iOS and Android in 2015. Its 9th anniversary song "LIMIT BREAK DREAMERS" is now streamed simultaneously worldwide from April 27. In addition to the main version sung by the "ES All-Stars," a group of 56 idols from the franchise, another versions by 15 units are also now available in full size on the same day. The main version's music video is now streamed on the Ensemble Stars! franchise's official YouTube channel . Ensemble Stars! 9th anniversary song "LIMIT BREAK DREAMERS" special music video Digital jacket Furthermore, "Ringing evil phone" sung by the shuffle unit "EVIL NUM+" (Natsume Sakasaki, Hokuto Hidaka, Hinata Aoi, Hajime Shino, Ritsu Sakuma) is now distributed simultaneously worldwide from April 27 in full size prior to the Shuffle event starting on April 30. Shuffle unit song "Ringing evil phone" music video The TV anime series inspired by the Ensemble Stars! game franchise aired for 24 episodes in Japan from July to December 2019, and all episodes are available on Crunchyroll . Crunchyroll describes the series: Yumenosaki Private Academy is a school that specializes in raising male idols. Hokuto Hidaka, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuuki, and Mao Isara form the unit Trickstar and work hard at their lessons every day in order to become top idols. Sources : press release, "Ensemble Stars!" official YouTube channel 1 , 2 © 2014-2019 Happy Elements K.K

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