EXCLUSIVE: Brave Wave's GIANTS Album Reveals "Wily Stage 1 & Boss" Song and Video

 EXCLUSIVE: Brave Wave's GIANTS Album Reveals
Tokyo-based record label Brave Wave Productions is getting ready to release GIANTS , a video game concept album that brings legendary composers together with staples of the VGM cover and remix scene for 98-minutes of game-inspired compositions and arrangements. One of the many tracks is "Wily Stage 1 & Boss" (from Mega Man ) by Super Strikers—based on the original compositions by Manami Matsumae—and Crunchyroll News is proud to exclusively reveal the song and video right here! That's not all, though. We also have comments from Mega Man director Akira Kitamura, who talks about the track itself, arrangements and remixes, working with Manami Matsumae and developing the final stretch of the Capcom classic. Check them out after the video premiere below. Super Strikers - "Wily Stage 1 & Boss" From the GIANTS album by Brave Wave Productions Super Strikers consists of: Dino Lionetti - Keyboard, Programming Grant Henry - Guitar (@Stemage) Steve Lakawicz - Bass Kevin Ragone - Drums, Video Editing (@kevster15) -- Alex Lees (VPD Productions) - Videographer Manami Matsumae - Composer of Mega Man 1 , Mega Man 10 , Shovel Knight More on the track from album director Mohammed Taher of Brave Wave Music: "This medley was built around RushJet1’s incredible VRC6 remix, released independently in 2013. I had already listened to his track countless times over the years, and thought it would make for a great band arrangement. The arrangement manages to capture a fundamental mood that’s missing from a lot of Mega Man remixes: the profound drama and melancholy present in the series’ original trilogy. The first two games in particular were designed and directed by the legendary Akira Kitamura, and his storylines, though inspired from Japanese manga and anime, veers away from traditional tropes to give us a protagonist who isn’t merely focused on eradicating his enemies. The band did an incredible job further emphasizing that melodramatic aspect in our new arrangement. Marco Guardia, the album's mixing engineer, crafted the track with a grand stadium sound that I'm particularly fond of, effectively harmonizing the fusion of electric guitars and synthesizers." RELATED: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, krage and More Music Videos are Now Available on Crunchyroll Mega Man director Akira Kitamura on the production of Dr. Wily's Castle, the final area of Capcom's first game: I was navigating my first experience in game development. As I pondered over the creation of this entirely new game system called Mega Man, I began to perceive this concluding segment as the true starting stage. The notion of a solitary hero, valiantly facing conflicts and armed with the weaponry of defeated robots that were once allies, had a tragic fate that struck me profoundly. It occurred to me that a theme song encapsulating both courage and a touch of sorrow would be fitting. On working with Manami Matsumae on the soundtrack: Collaborating with Manami Matsumae on the game's soundtrack was a new experience for me. However, her compositions were both thoughtful and detailed, conveying a deep commitment to the game's atmosphere, which filled me with immense joy. She possessed the unique ability to fully embrace my initial ideas and craft music that perfectly complemented each scene. Naturally, the final piece was every bit as splendid as I had envisioned. GIANTS cover art, featuring the illustrative work of Matt Cummings On how Mega Man 's music has spread through fan arrangements: The rise of social media has granted me the privilege of experiencing a wide array of fan arrangements and remixes of Mega Man's music. I believe Mega Man stands out as a concept with unique content that has been rejuvenated through the spread of the internet. It's heartwarming to witness individuals from across the globe share and relish in the nostalgia of their childhood memories, with fan arrangements playing a significant role in this. Hearing these compositions, I perceive them as expressions of the game itself. The raw power of an intense guitar riff captures the challenge and thrill of a particular stage, while the soothing melodies of a piano piece suggest a deep affection for the level, hinting at countless replays. These arrangements not only showcase the talent of the musicians but also their emotional connection to the game. I remain deeply thankful to those who, as children, formed such fond memories with the game. On Super Strikers' "Dr. Wily" arrangement on GIANTS :  I felt it was an arrangement like no other. It resonates in the heart, combining sentimental guitars with melodies that capture not merely the outward allure but the very soul of the game's narrative. In the original Mega Man, our focus wasn't explicitly on rock music. Instead, we drew inspiration more from the heroes of Japanese anime and live-action dramas. To witness these anthemic tunes transform into rich and emotive rock music after 35 years feels nothing short of miraculous You can pre-order the GIANTS album from the Crunchyroll Store ahead of its April 19, 2024 launch. 

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