Toei Animation Launches Precure Franchise's 20th Anniversary "precure genic" Project

 Toei Animation Launches Precure Franchise's 20th Anniversary
As part of the 20th anniversary celebration for its long-running Precure anime franchise, Toei Animation announced the launch of the "precure genic" project today on January 31. The project is introduced as "a new attempt to connect 'Precure' with various youth cultures such as fashion, art, and music under the theme of 'expression of one's own personality. The project's key visual features the two protagonist from the franchise's first installment, Futari wa Precure — Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro. As the first phase of the project, a pop-up store named "precure genic room" will open in Shimokitazawa ADRIFT in Tokyo from March 1 to 6, 2024, for six days only, focusing on fashion and art, and offering collaboration and spaces that freely express the worldview of Precure. Inside the pop-up store, which is designed to look like a room where two girls with different personalities who grew up influenced by Precure live, customers can purchase items collaborated with fashion brands such as SIIILON and YMYM, lifestyle brands such as PEOPLEAP, and art pieces by popular illustrators such as Kamin, tamimoon, and Utomaru. Admission is free, but you'll need to make a reservation in advance to get in. Advance lottery reservations can be made here . Takashi Washio, Toei Animation's producer for the early Precure series, said, "In this 'recure genic room,' we are proposing items that those of you who once supported the series would still want to have in your hands now that you have grown up. We want you to enjoy both the worldview of the room and the products at your leisure, so we have decided to require reservations by lottery in advance, but we hope that this pop-up store will not be the end of the project, but rather a project that we will develop with you." RELATED: Precure Franchise Looks Back on 20-Year History in Special PV Source : Toei Animation press release ©Toei Animation

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