Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya Soundtracks Get First International Vinyl Release in February

French publisher Microids Records announced that it will release two anime soundtracks on vinyl for the firs time outside of Japan with Dragon Ball Z: Best Collection and Saint Seiya (Music Collection Vol. 1) . The soundtracks feature fan favorite tracks and represent their original Japanese releases. Both are slated to release on February 14, with pre-orders now live. Saint Seiya (Music Collection Vol. 1) The Saint Seiya soundtrack features the work of composer Seiji Yokoyama and is now available for pre-orders at €39.99. TRACKLIST COSMOS A (SIDE A) 1. Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken 2. Sanctuary, Death's Commandment 3. Galaxy Wars 4. Burning Cosmo 5. Oath to the Guardian Star COSMOS B (SIDE B) 6. Knights of the Zodiac for Athena 7. Avenger Phoenix 8. Challenge of the Black Saints 9. Brothers of Sorrow 10. The Era of the Legend Dragon Ball Z: Best Collection - (Limited Edition) The Dragon Ball Z soundtrack features the work of composers Chiho Kiyooka, Takeshi Ike and Keiju Ishikawa and is now available for pre-order at €49.99. Since this release is a Limited Edition pressing, the soundtrack will not be repressed once the album is out of stock. TRACKLIST SIDE A 1. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA 2. Burst Forth Exceptional ZENKAI Power 3. Battle (I-KU-SA) 4. Whole SIDE B 5. Journey of Light 6. The Strongest Rival 7. HERO (You’re The Hero) SIDE C 1. MIND POWER –Ki 2. GIRIGIRI World Extreme 3. Blue Wind HOPE 4. Burning Fight - The Burning Battles SIDE D 5. Day Of Destiny -Soul vs. Soul- 6. Beyond The Galaxy Rising High 7. WE GOTTA POWER 8. We Were Angels Source : Press Release

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