Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Crossover Trailer Lets You Hunt for Materia

Square Enix and Electronic Arts have released a brand new trailer detailing the crossover between the battle royale game Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth . The limited time crossover event will take place from January 9 to January 30. During the event, Apex Legends players can find Materia around the map to attach to their weapons. For example, the blue Materia gives you the ability to absorb HP while the purple Materia provides random critical hits for extra damage. RELATED: Final Fantasy VII Remake Saga Continues with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Players can also pick up Cloud's iconic Buster Sword R2R5 on the map during matches and build up the Limit Break meter. There will be 36 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth -inspired cosmetics for players to collect, such as a universal Buster Sword R5 melee cosmetic that can still be used after the event is over. Apex Legends is now available on PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on February 29, 2024 for PlayStation 5. Source: Press Release

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