5 Anime to Watch Now That JUJUTSU KAISEN is Over

The second season of JUJUTSU KAISEN has been an intense journey, filled with plenty of action, but above all, a lot of personal tragedy for its protagonist, Yuji Itadori. Both the Hidden Inventory/Premature Death arc and the Shibuya Incident arc were something we won't recover from for a while.   The staff at MAPPA poured their hearts into delivering a breathtaking adaptation of Gege Akutami's fabulous manga, taking the material to new heights. A couple of weeks after the the ending, and at the start of 2024, we’re left with a great void that makes us wonder, "What do we watch now?" But worry not, I'm here to offer a helping hand with five show recommendations that share some similarities with JUJUTSU KAISEN , both old and new, for you to enjoy before you get hooked on our Winter 2024 Anime Season .   The list includes several well-known anime shows, but they're worth revisiting to keep the spirit of JUJUTSU KAISEN alive. Without further ado, let's get started! Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter serves as a perfect substitute (and with a considerable number of episodes) for JUJUTSU KAISEN . This is particularly special since Akutami expressed in his author notes on Shonen Jump that he has Hunter x Hunter volumes scattered throughout his house, indicating his deep appreciation for Togashi's work... The battles between hunters with their diverse Nen abilities are very similar to the fights between Jujutsu Sorcerers, where it's not just about being powerful, but about strategy in combat.   The perfect example in Hunter x Hunter for making that comparison is Kurapika, whose Nen abilities strengthen under certain conditions, similar to the vows Jujutsu Sorcerers impose on themselves to reach their maximum potential. The intricacy of the power system in both shows is perfect for those who enjoy strategic battles. Junji Ito Collection JUJUTSU KAISEN is a series that flirts with horror elements, although it's more of a supernatural-themed battle series. However, it's evident that Junji Ito serves as an inspiration for Akutami, especially in the disturbing designs of the curses and in how twisted their actions can be. This inspiration becomes most evident in Suguru Geto's Maximum Uzumaki technique, named in honor of Ito's work of the same name. Gege Akumati mentioned in the extra page of Volume 16 of his manga that Junji Ito inspired the Maximum Uzumaki, highlighting the influence of the Japanese master of horror on JUJUTSU KAISEN . Junji Ito Collection is an episodic show adapting short stories from Ito, providing a hearty dose of that dark and unsettling vibe found in JUJUTSU KAISEN. RELATED: Which JUJUTSU KAISEN Character Are You? Parasyte -the maxim- Stories where the protagonist is possessed by a malevolent entity abound, but this time we wanted to highlight Parasyte -the maxim- , a tale in which evil parasites are possessing humankind and causing them to kill each other in frankly grotesque ways. Our protagonist, Shinichi Izumi, was possessed by a parasite, but it failed to take over his brain, instead maturing in his arm. Now, Shinichi and his "partner" work together to eliminate other parasites. The series shares its dark atmosphere with JUJUTSU KAISEN but there's also the fact that its protagonists form a toxic relationship with something that has invaded their body... although Migi is much more cooperative than Sukuna. Tokyo Ghoul The characters in JUJUTSU KAISEN constantly grapple with tragedy, and that's something that defines the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, starting with its main character, Ken Kaneki. Like Yuji, Kaneki has to deal with numerous heart wrenching losses and tragedies. Sometimes he's even the one causing others grief. In Sui Ishida's work, Kaneki is turned into a hybrid of human and ghoul after receiving an organ transplant from a ghoul that was attacking him. He struggles thereafter to retain his humanity while increasingly being drawn toward the monstrous side of him. While in JUJUTSU KAISEN the curses are mostly malevolent, in Tokyo Ghoul , there's more moral ambiguity, with many ghouls trying to live peacefully without harming humanity. RELATED: JUJUTSU KAISEN Season 2 Ending, Explained Chainsaw Man If what you'll miss the most from JUJUTSU KAISEN is the visual spectacle, revisiting the first season of Chainsaw Man is the perfect choice. Not only because they are both produced by MAPPA, but also because of its upcoming movie dedicated to the Reze Arc. So you might as well take the chance to watch it if you haven't or refresh your memory if you already have.   Moreover, the series also shares many elements with JUJUTSU KAISEN . A protagonist with a tragic life? Check. Supernatural powers acquired through demonic possession or similar means? Check. A trio of main characters that includes a serious guy, an abrasive girl, and a carefree boy? Also check. They're not identical, but both have a similar flavor and fit together perfectly. Which of these shows would you rather watch now that JUJUTSU KAISEN has concluded? Let me know in the comments below!

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