The Silent Service Live-Action Project Gets 8-Episode Web Drama in February 2024
An eight-episode live-action web drama adaptation of Kaiji Kawaguchi's political military manga The Silent Service will stream on Amazon Prime Video in February 2024, following the 113-minute theatrical feature film which was released in September. The first six episodes of The Silent Service Season 1: The Battle of Tokyo Bay will stream worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from February 9, 2024, with the seventh and eighth episodes following on February 16. The first half of the eight-episode series focuses on more characters from the film's story, including previously unreleased scenes. The second half depicts the Naval Battle off the coast of Okinawa and the Naval Battle of Tokyo Bay, which is a continuation of the film. RELATED: Kaiji Kawaguchi's The Silent Service Manga Gets Live-Action Film The feature film's "final" trailer The feature film's key visual The main cast includes:  Takao Osawa as Shiro Kaieda, the captain of Japan's first nuclear submarine, Seabat  Hiroshi Tamaki as Hiroshi Fukamachi, the captain of the Japanese diesel submarine, Tatsunami Aya Ueto as Hiromi Ichitani, a newscaster who tries to expose a government conspiracy Yosuke Eguchi as Wataru Kaibara, Chief Cabinet Secretary Tomoya Nakamura as Soushi Irie, a Self Defense Force member who was once on the same ship as Kaieda and Fukamachi Aoi Nakamura as Eiji Yamanaka, the Deputy captain of Seabat. Kaieda's right-hand man. The live-action movie was produced as Amazon Studios' first Japanese theatrical film. Distributed by Toho, the movie grossed 1.34 billion yen (9.39 million USD) since its release in Japan on September 29, 2023. Kawaguchi's original manga was serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Morning magazine from 1988 to 1996, then compiled in 32 tankobon volumes with a total circulation of 32 million copies (paper and digital). Takao Osawa, who is cast as the protagonist, Shiro Kaieda, and served as the producer, said, "This work was created without compromise by Japan's leading production staff. We will send this work to everyone living in this time when the world is facing chaos and changes. We hope you will experience the epic story that goes far beyond the framework of a drama and the powerful visuals and sound." Source : ©Kaiji Kawaguchi/Kodansha ©2023 Amazon Content Services LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES. All Rights Reserved.

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