Haigakura TV Anime Releases Teaser Trailer, Reveals Main Staff Members

The official Twitter for the anime adaptation of Shinobu Takayama's fantasy manga series Haigakura posted a teaser trailer introducing its four main characters: Ichiyou, Tenkou, Ransaiwa and Hakugou. The anime is set to broadcast in Japan in 2024. RELATED: Shinobu Takayama's Fantasy Manga Haigakura Gets TV Anime in 2024 Additionally, the main staff members were also revealed as follows: Director: Junichi Yamamoto ( Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion ) Series Composition: Yu Murai ( ZOMBIE LAND SAGA stage play) Character Design: Masaki Sato ( Slam Dunk ) Music: Yuuki Kurihara ( Dropkick on My Devil! ) Anime Production: Typhoon Graphics ( My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer ) The story takes place in Senkai, the sacred other world where immortals and humans live is on the verge of collapse. Ichiyou is a poet warrior who uses a technique called Kessai to capture the gods scattered all over the world, and Tenkou, his follower, searches for the four evil gods who hold the key to the collapse of Senkai. "Senkai — the magnificent world depicted by Takayama-sensei. The many beautiful and fascinating characters, the rich human drama, and the difficult settings are all very detailed and provide a tremendous amount of information!" Director Yamamoto said in a comment on the official website. "The entire cast and staff have tried to condense those charms and to make the anime available to even more people. We hope that fans of the original work and newcomers to the anime will enjoy watching it, so please wait until it airs!" Teaser visual drawn by Shinobu Takayama Sources : "Haigakura" TV anime official Twitter , press release © Shinobu Takayama, Ichijinsha / Haigakura Production Committee

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