Godzilla Minus One Film Gets Black-And-White Edition Release in Japan

The official website for Godzilla Minus One announced that a black-and-white edition, titled Godzilla Minus One / C (Minus Color) , will release in 340 theaters across Japan from January 12, 2024. As the 70th anniversary film for Toho's long-running franchise, the 30th Japanese Godzilla film opened in Japan on November 3, 2023, and has earned 4.4 billion yen (30.9 million USD) so far on 2.87 million admissions to make it the fourth top-grossing Japanese live-action film of 2023 . "Godzilla Minus One / Minus Color" trailer Poster visual with the tagline "Live and resist in a monochrome world" RELATED: Godzilla Minus One Becomes Highest-Grossing Japan-Produced Godzilla Film in North America "''Godzilla Minus One / Minus Color,' which has been in the works for a long time, will finally release," director Takashi Yamazaki said on the film's official website . "The team did not just make the film monochrome, but coordinated it shot-by-shot, making full use of various mats (*grayscale images used to specify only the necessary area in each material when compositing multiple image materials), as if they were creating a new film. The goal was to create an image tone as if taken by the masters of black-and-white photography. I asked them to unearth as much skin texture and landscape detail as possible, which were latent in the captured data. Then, Godzilla appeared, as terrifying and horrifying as in a documentary. A new sense of reality that looms over you by losing colors. Please come to the theater and live and resist the further horror." Source : "Godzilla Minus One" official website ©2023 TOHO CO., LTD.

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