Pokémon and Tiffany Collab to Create 4.3 Million Yen Pikachu Necklace

Last year, artist Daniel Arsham teamed up with The Pokémon Company to create A Ripple in Time : an art exhibition in Roppongi Hills featuring notable Pokémon reimagined as ruined, gem-encrusted statuary. If you loved the look of the exhibition, great news — you can take home jewelry versions of these unique designs, albeit for a legendary price tag. Arsham and Pokémon are teaming up with Tiffany and Co. to release a capsule collection of pendants in 18k gold and sterling silver depicting Pikachu, Mew, Jigglypuff and more. The Pikachu pendant (the collection's centerpiece) arrives in a bespoke Pokéball rendered in the company's iconic Tiffany blue. RELATED: Pokémon Brings Its Creatures to Tokyo's Landscapes in Latest Hatsune Miku Collaboration Music Video Artist Daniel Arsham These designs were also seen in the short "A Ripple in Time," produced as part of Arsham's exhibition: As one might expect, these accessories aren't cheap. The gold Pikachu necklace is priced at 4.3 million yen (just under $30,000). The sterling silver necklace with all six 'mons is 1.1 million yen or 211,200 yen for one pendant. The sterling silver necklaces will arrive in a special collab box, also in Tiffany blue. The collection goes on sale November 29. Source : Anime! Anime!

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