Nintendo Switch Passes 130 Million Consoles Sold Worldwide
Hot off the heels of Nintendo’s best quarter in it’s 133-year history last quarter, the Kyoto-based company revealed it’s second quarter earnings for the year ending March 2024 today, showing that the giant cannot be stopped. Nintendo has increased it’s earning forecast for the year to be closer on par with 2023’s earnings report even with the expectation of lower hardware and software sales. But that’s not the big milestone news for the company. Nintendo updated its Nintendo Switch sales figure and announced that the console has sold 132.46 million units over all its variants, making it the third console in history to pass 130 million units sold after the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS.  Nintendo had previously noted that it expects to sell 15 million units this fiscal year and looks to be on track with the holiday season approaching. The gaming company has also increased its software-related sales up to 185 million unites from the previously estimated 180 million units. RELATED: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Boosts Nintendo to Best First Party Software Sales Quarter of All Time Another milestone for Nintendo is that it’s latest entry in the Pikmin franchise, Pikmin 4 , is now the highest-selling single release Pikmin game to date with 2.61 million copies sold since it was released on July 21. The second highest-selling single release Pikmin game is Pikmin 3 Deluxe with 2.4 copies as of December 2022. Overall, Nintendo has increased its earnings forecast for this year across the board by around 17% thanks to strong software sales in the first quarter (mostly due to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom selling 19.5 million copies in less than six months), the mammoth success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and the greatly weakened yen, which Nintendo has changed the internal assumed exchange rate from US$1 to 130 yen in the first quarter to US$1 to 140 yen. This is shown by Nintendo having a 21.2% increase in net sales over the last two quarters compared to last year. Though Nintendo notes that most hardware sales are now of the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which sells for more but also costs more to produce than the other two models. Source: Nintendo IR

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