Meito "Isekai no Yu" Kaitaku-ki Light Novel Gets Short TV Anime in January 2024
A short TV anime adaptation of Konao Menrui's Meito "Isekai no Yu" Kaitaku-ki~ AraFour Onsen Mania Tensei-saki wa, Nonbiri Onsen Tengoku Deshita~ ( Famous Hot Spring "Another World's Hot Springs" Pioneer Journal ~ Where a hot spring enthusiast who was around forty was reincarnated was a relaxing hot spring paradise ) is set to premiere in Japan in January 2024. An ASMR voice drama is also in the works. The TV anime's official website and Twitter have opened with a teaser visual below. The novel series has been released from Hobby Japan's HJ Novels imprint sine August 2021, so far three volumes have been available in Japan. Additionally, its manga adaptation drawn by Masahito Sasaki has released one volume from the published HJ Comics imprint. The anime's official website describes the story: Kozo Yukawa was a hot spring enthusiast and also a hot spring hunter who could detect the location of hot springs with his nose. One day, while searching for a hidden hot spring to revitalize a town, he slipped off a cliff. Who reincarnated Kozo, who lost hiss life, in another world, was Inari, a small shrine that remained hidden in the hollow of a rock. Kozo arrives in the another world with the Inari's errand princess, Mayudama-san. He immediately gets his hot spring hunter's blood boiling and takes a bath with Mayudama-san at a hot spring they found. There, an elf girl appears and.... Main Voice Cast: Kozo Yukawa: Shohei Tokiwa Mayudama: Marie Miyake (Nana Abe in THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ) Ririumu: Ria Koito (VTuber - her voice acting debut) Ohendeck: Kyoko Kuramochi (VTuber - her voice acting debut) Ruirui: Akari Miyazaki Komachi: Mariko Miyase Main Staff Director: Tomonori Mine Series Composition/Screenplay: Yohei Kashii Character Design: Minori Homura Art Setting: Satoru Hirayanagi Art director: Mayake Masakazu Color Designer: Fuyuhito Muraguchi Director of Photography: Masaya Sakano Editing: Hisashi Kawakami Music Production: YAB EntertainMent Production: "Isekai no Yu" Production Committee Voice actor unit GuilDrops will perform the theme song "Baby love! Baby please!." The CD single is et to release in Japan on February 14, 2024. GuiDrops artist photo Sources: "Meito 'Isekai no Yu' Kaitaku-ki" TV anime official website / Twitter , Aruji press release © Konao Menrui, Hobby Japan/"Isekai no Yu" Production Committee

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