Karaoke Iko! Live-Action Film Releases Full Trailer Featuring Theme Song by Little Glee Monster

90-second and 30-second full trailers for the forthcoming live-action film adaptation of Yama Wayama's Karaoke Iko! comedy manga are now online. The clip features the film's theme song "Kurenai" performed by six-member girl group, Little Glee Monster . The version newly recorded for the film is a cover of Japanese hard rock band X JAPAN's 1989 single song . Mayu commented on behalf of the members, "I never thought we would be covering 'Kurenai' in my life as a member of Little Glee! I think we will be able to deliver a very innovative song with the chorus, which I think is our strength, and add a unique touch to 'Kurenai' that is different from the version that everyone knows and loves." The trailer begins with a yakuza, Kyouji Narita (Go Ayano), who has a problem with karaoke, inviting Satomi Oka (Jun Saito), a junior high school student who is the head of the chorus club. RELATED: Yama Wayama's Karaoke Iko! Comedy Manga Gets Live-action Film Adaptation in 2023 90-second trailer 30-second trailer Main poster visual The manga was initially published as the author's doujinshi work in 2019, then released commercially from KADOKAWA in the following year. Nobuhiro Yamashita ( Cream Lemon , Hardcore ) is attached to direct on a screenplay by Akiko Nogi ( INU-OH ). The live-action film is set to release in Japan on January 12, 2024. Synopsis: "Can you teach me how to be a better singer?" A yakuza man who wants to be a good singer asks a serious junior high school student with evil tongue for lessons! Satomi Oka, the choir club captain, is invited to karaoke by a yakuza man, Kyouji Narita, and asked for singing lessons. He says that he must improve at all costs in order to avoid the "horror" that awaits those who come in last place in the yakuza clan's karaoke contest. The song Kyouji chooses is "Kurenai" by X JAPAN. Satomi reluctantly teaches Kyouji how to sing, but before long a strange friendship develops between them. What will be Satomi's fate? And will Kyouji be able to escape the bottom of the competition? Manga tankobon cover Source: "Karaoke Iko!" live-action film official website ©2024 "Karaoke Iko! Production Committee ©Yama Wayama/KADOKAWA

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