Japan Box Office: Fly Me to the Saitama Live-Action Film Sequel Makes No.1 Debut

Fly Me to the Saitama ~From Lake Biwa with Love~ ( Tonde Saitama ~Biwako yori Ai wo Komete~ in Japan), the second live-action film adaptation of Mineo Maya's ( Patarillo! ) boys love comedy manga from the 1980s, opened in 373 theaters across Japan on November 23, 2023. The sequel earned 415 million yen (2.8 million USD) on 292,300 admissions in its first three-day weekend from November 24-26, ranking No.1 in Japan's weekend box office, according to Kogyo Tsushin . The first three-day gross was 125 percent of that of the first film , which made 3.76 billion yen (25.33 million USD) from its total domestic run. The film's first four-day gross — including the numbers for Thursday which was a national holiday in Japan — reached 630 million yen (4.24 million USD) on 444,500 admissions. The film ranked sixth in Filmarks' first-day satisfaction ranking with an average rating of 3.76/5.0 based on 1,725 reviews. Following the first film in February 2019, production of the sequel was announced in the summer of 2021. Although filming was underway, it was postponed due to the leading actor GACKT's indefinite suspension due to health problems. He fully recovered after a one-year hiatus in October 2022, and filming for the sequel also resumed for a release in 2023, according to Eiga.com's report . RELATED: Fly Me to the Saitama Live-Action Film Sequel Releases Main Trailer, Visual With the weekend gross of 292 million yen (1.97 million USD) on 185,500 admissions, Godzilla Minus One finally dropped from number one in its fourth weekend to second place. The cumulative total gross of the 30th Japanese film in Toho's long-running Godzilla franchise has reached 3.456 billion yen (23.3 million USD) on 2.23 million admissions, about 91 percent of the first 20-day gross of the previous Japanese Godzilla film in 2016, Shin Godzilla . Kitaro Tanjou - GeGeGe no Nazo , an all-new film to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the GeGeGe no Kitaro manga author Shigeru Mizuki's birth, dropped two places from its opening last weekend to fourth place. However, its second-weekend gross was 169 million yen (1.14 million USD) on 113,600 admissions, surpassing its opening weekend. The film's cumulative total gross reached 511 million yen (3.45 million USD) on 358,000 admissions. Eiga Sumikko Gurashi: Tsugihagi Koujou no Fushigina Ko (Sumikko Gurashi The Movie: A Patching Factory's Mysterious Child ), the third anime feature film inspired by Japanese stationery company San-X's famous mascot character brand Sumikko Gurashi , ranked fifth in its fourth weekend, two positions down from last weekend. Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045: Saigo no Ningen (The Last Human) , the second season compilation film from the latest 3DCG Ghost in The Shell anime series, opened in 30 theaters in Japan on November 23 for a limited run of three weeks. While not appearing in the weekend box office top 10, it ranked No.2 in Filmarks' first-day satisfaction ranking with an average rating of 3.95/5.0 on 112 reviews. RELATED: First 12 Minutes of Ghost in The Shell SAC_2045 2nd Season Compilation Film Streamed Weekend box office Top 10 in Japan (November 24-26, 2023) (ticket sales basis with notes in parentheses marking previous week's placement) Sources : Kogyo Tsushinsha , Eiga.com , Filmarks (C)2023 Movie "Tonde Saitama" Production Committee

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