5 Anime Like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5

One of the most awaited releases on PlayStation 5 finally landed on our shelves on Oct. 20th, and it has everybody talking, pretty much like the two previous games, everyone's raving about all the great things this new entry brings. The feedback on the game, including mine, has been excellent, and I could go on and on about many things, but I won't spoil anything. While the gameplay is still one of the main elements that will make you want to play this game, it's the story (or rather the stories ) that will keep you hooked for dozens and dozens of hours. This is the perfect opportunity to make the link between Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and your favorite anime: Here's a list of anime you might enjoy if you've finished the game, or a list that'll help you put your finger on an element of deja-vu when you start running the game on your console. Light spoilers on Marvel's Spider-Man 2 ahead! The obvious one : My Hero Academia Having to bear a great name and a great role in society is not something everyone can assume. Yet, Izuku Midoriya, Peter Parker and Miles Morales do their best to become the selfless heroes the world needs at this moment of complete chaos. They all went through their share of dark moments, with dark thoughts and struggles to make peace with themselves first, but they manage to always get back up and become better. In My Hero Academia 's sixth season, Midoriya decides to take the responsibility of saving everyone all by himself, and that kind of burden takes a toll on anyone. Choosing to go "dark" on his own was a necessary step in his evolution into a soon-to-be great hero, it showed him the limits of doing everything alone. Deku's struggle can be applied both to Peter Parker and Miles Morales, at two different points of the story. Peter wants to save everyone, putting pressure on himself, and Miles wants to be as great as Peter, which is also putting himself under more pressure while having to think about his college applications. It takes his whole class for Deku to understand he has to learn to trust his friends, and it took a few occasions for both of the Spider-heroes to understand that as well. But it only made them all stronger... together! RELATED: My Hero Academia UA HEROES BATTLE Original Episode Announced, Premiere Hosted at NYCC The second most obvious : Parasyte -the maxim- Living with a "parasite" is not always a pleasure. Peter Parker gets a new suit, thanks to the symbiote later named Venom, which gives him a darker edge to his action and evolves him into someone he's never been, crossing lines he never thought he would. In Parasyte -the maxim- , Shin’ichi gets infected but his brain remains unaffected, making him different from other infected people, as his parasite, Migi, gets stuck in his right arm. Although they get to learn about each other, this is the beginning of a complicated relationship that leads to discovering how Migi's race is a real threat to the world. Both characters lose themselves because of their co-host at some point, but fighting for what's right and for love is what gets them out of harm's way. The science one : Dr. STONE Peter, Miles, Dr. Connors, and even Genki in his own way, are scientists at heart. And the story of the video game shows how much science is part of that every day life, from the missions you get from the Emily-May Foundation, to the questions around how to keep your dream alive to improve the world (or heal it). Senku's mission is to revive everyone, the Spider-Men's mission will be to save everyone, and in both ways, they are very similar. Explaining more of that will enter spoiler territory around the video game, but you have to trust me at "Ten Billion Percent:" everyone's building stuff as they go and it's to get closer to their goal! RELATED: Dr. STONE NEW WORLD Anime Cour 2 Releases Creditless Opening Theme The responsible one : JUJUTSU KAISEN It seems like every Spider-Man has their own "Uncle Ben moment," losing someone is part of growing up and the cycle of life, but the way you act after a loss very much definines the development of character. Introducing Yuji Itadori, who is the anime character that gets hit by the moment right from the beginning, but instead of losing his uncle he loses his grandfather. Yuji is thrown into the world of curses right after losing his old man and yet, he manages to keep his cool and remember his words. In more than one way, this defines how Yuji goes on with the story and finds motivation, knowing fully he'll have a painful life after agreeing to go on with Gojo's plan to eat every finger from Ryomen Sukuna. The dark one : Tokyo Ghoul With Tokyo Ghoul , the striking detail that makes it the perfect choice for this list is how the main character changes and becomes almost a victim of his violent impulses. Although Spidey's story doesn't involve a date gone wrong, it still involves an accident that creates the bond between a "monster" and the good character, that saving is not just a blessing, it slowly becomes a darker poisoned gift that turns them bad. The best word to describe how Peter and Kaneki both feel is tortured, by that newfound power that corrupts them, but also by all the stuff they believed in until now. They have to face reality, accept it as it is. Or at least try to make the right choices, even if it's sometimes way too late. RELATED: PlayStation 5 Slims Down for the Holiday Season The bonus : The Reflection Stan Lee has often been credited with that famous "with great power comes great responsibility" line, so let's pay an homage to the man. Consider this entry another Stan Lee cameo, but this time in the manga universe. Stan Lee has had a very prolific career, and he has collaborated projects with Japanese artists on more than one occasion, for example with YOSHIKI from X JAPAN. The Reflection is a story co-created by Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama, produced by Studio DEEN ( Sorcerous Stabber Orpen , Junji Ito Collection , KonoSuba , Ranma 1/2 ). It blends the elements of comic books within the world of anime and it just throws us right into the story. Other than that, well, it's not really close to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man but just mentioning Stan Lee makes it a worthy entry! More anime can make us think about the game, and vice-versa. What do you think about my picks ? Let me know if I missed a title and tell me what you think in the comments !

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