Tokyo Revengers Latest Live-Action Film to Release as Scheduled in Japan on June 30


The official website for the Tokyo Revengers live-action film series announced today that the forthcoming installment Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Kessen- is confirmed to release in Japan on June 30 as originally scheduled. No re-shooting and re-editing will be added, according to the official statement. The previous first-part installment, Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Unmei- which opened in Japan on April 21, will also continue to be shown in theaters.



As previously reported, Kento Nagayama, who plays Keisuke Baji in the live-action film series, was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of possession of marijuana on June 16. Following his arrest, there was doubt whether the sequel would be released as scheduled.


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The film's production committee wrote in the statement: "We have received a lot of feedback and encouragement since the news broke. We have been reminded once again that many people truly support this series. We have concluded that responding to these voices is what we can do. We want to thank all those involved in the production who have worked so hard to release this film, in which the entire cast and crew put everything they had into, all the theaters nationwide that will screen this film as scheduled, and above all, all those who have supported this series. With only two weeks left until the film's release, we will continue to do what we can in a straightforward manner. We hope you will come to the theater."


Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Kessen- trailer:


Source: "Tokyo Revengers" live-action film series official website / Twitter


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