INTERVIEW: DURDN on Creating the Wholesome Family ED Song for Buddy Daddies

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Buddy Daddies is a series that, after seeing the trailer, I knew I would love it. I’ve always been a fan of found family dynamics and the slow build-up of trust amongst a mismatched group that goes on to show the world that “family” is what you make of it. Such is the case when professional hitmen Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa accidentally bring home a child after a festive holiday job. Fa la la la huh?!

From there the series delights in having these men stumble through fatherhood in a way that I imagine most parents do. Who knew that school and daycare would be such an intensive endeavor, not to mention balancing work with making sure your kid gets a good breakfast. This all leads to Kazuki and Rei realizing that this is the kind of life that’s worth fighting for, each episode ending with a laid-back jam and showcase of their daughter, Miri, looking absolutely adorable. As a famous moment from The Simpsons once said, “Do it for her.” 


We got the chance to chat with the music group, DURDN, the artists behind that catchy ending theme. “My Plan” is easy to snap your fingers to, the lyrics perfectly capturing the bond between Kazuki, Rei and Miri. What’s tomorrow going to bring, they ask? Who knows, but the three of them (and families in general) will face it together. Check out what DURDN had to say about their very first anime tie-in song and what it was like working with Kazuki and Rei’s voice actors for the lofi remix

Congratulations on “My Plan” being your first anime tie-in song! What’s it like hearing your song at the end of every episode of Buddy Daddies

Baku: Singing used to be something of a hobby of mine, so I never imagined there’d be a day when our song would be the ending of an anime series, and I couldn’t be happier.


SHINTA: It’s moving to see how week after week, they insert the song at crucial moments, and I’m so happy they decided to use it as the ending theme. By placing the song at the end of the episode, I think it bridges the gap between the story and brings them closer together.         


yacco: I was simply thrilled. Ever since we got together as a band, an anime tie-in has been a goal of mine, so it was wonderful to hear the intro to My Plan start to play at crucial moments every week. 

Did it feel any different doing a song for an anime series than when you work on your own music?


SHINTA: I decided to make the chord progressions and overall song construction more Japanese than what we usually do as DURDN. I added a bit of J-Fusion phrases here and there.


yacco: I made it a point to write lyrics that matched the theme of the anime series. I wanted to express the emotions of people living and loving with a positive attitude despite regrets and about daily life filled with surprises. We wanted as many people as possible to listen to the song, so the melody was meant to be catchy.


Rei, Mira and Kazuki getting their picture taken


The lofi mix of “My Plan” has the voice actors for Kazuki and Rei performing the song together. Did you know that there would be a version of your song sung by the two of them?


SHINTA: After they showed me some of the footage, I came up with the lofi idea.


Rei’s voice actor, Koki Uchiyama, said that you stood by them in the studio while recording. What was it like working with the voice actors on the song?


Baku: Such incredible voice-acting skills! I was impressed by how expressive their voices were.


SHINTA: I was impressed by how genuinely professional they are as voice actors. I knew they had both racked up a long list of credits to their names. My ears went ecstatic listening to their voices on my track.


yacco: Like Baku, they are exceptionally skilled at using their voices as a form of expression. It was incredible how they sang in character.



The song perfectly captures the relationship between Kazuki, Rei and Miri as the two men adjust to having a daughter together. Did you have any sort of inspiration when coming up with the lyrics to the song?


yacco: In reality, you’d rarely see a family unit like these three in Japan. But I was raised by a single mother, and later, when I was still in school, my mother left, and I was raised by a single father. So I wasn’t raised in what society generally perceives as a “normal” family. And because of that, I’d struggled with a sense of inadequacy for the longest time. But because of that experience, I felt a strong connection with “My Plan” and that blood ties didn’t define family. I was able to write the song without having to resort to lofty idealism. It would be great if people with similar backgrounds to myself harboring similar feelings of inadequacy lived their lives by letting go of traditional notions of family. 


Did you know what the ending was going to look like when you did the song? Did you know it would be a montage of Miri leading to her on the couch with her papas, fast asleep?


SHINTA: I didn’t know. Watching it made me realize they really knew how to maximize Miri’s adorableness, and that last scene was just incredible.


yacco: I had no idea. I love how the ending scene perfectly matches the song and leaves you feeling very peaceful.


Kazuki, Rei and Mira walking toward the sunset


Since you perform the ending of the anime we get to hear the song after multiple key points in the series, like Rei and Miri making French toast in Episode 7 or Kazuki and Rei having to say goodbye to Miri in Episode 10. Are there any moments from the series that stand out to you?


SHINTA: I love the scene in Episode 3 where Rei says, “I’m her Papa.” People really do have the capacity for change. I was moved by how beautifully they portrayed that.


yacco: The scene where Miri’s mother came for Miri left a significant impression on me. It was hard because I could relate to both sides – Kazuki and Rei couldn’t believe how she could come back for Miri after abandoning her, especially after all this time. Then there’s the mother who is so inept she doesn’t realize how precious something is until it’s gone. I kept thinking, “Please just find a way to live together!” as I watched that episode.


After watching Buddy Daddies what do you think the most difficult part of being a papa is? What about the most fun part?


Baku: Living together and enjoying that family love, I think, would be the fun part. Decisions regarding the child’s education might be the difficult part.


SHINTA: The difficult part, I think, might be being wrapped around their finger, going in circles, just like the lyrics. Children are proper individuals and won’t necessarily act as we want them to, so we shouldn’t place too much of our expectations or dreams on them. That’s what I think is the difficult part. I mean, I feel pretty happy when I’ve realized I’ve grown as a person through the years. Being able to experience that with your own children must be like experiencing life twice.


yacco: I don’t think being a father makes it any more difficult. I think it’s difficult for parents because you can’t control how your child feels or acts, and you’re hit by the most unexpected things. But I also think that’s what makes it fun.


Rei, Mira and Kazuki set off to go to school

Which is more tiring to you? Kazuki and Rei’s work life or being a parent?


Baku: I’d have to say, being a parent.


SHINTA: Definitely being a parent. I might feel that way because it’s something I’ve yet to experience. But I think I’d feel the same way even after I’d become one.


yacco: I can’t answer that question as I’ve never been a parent, but I think raising children and working are both difficult in different ways.


Did you learn anything surprising about being a parent from Buddy Daddies? For example, I was surprised at how much work it takes to get your child into a good school.


Baku: I was surprised by the amount of stuff you’re expected to bring to daycare. 


SHINTA: Getting into daycare really did seem to be challenging (laughs). I loved how they were satirizing the current situation in Japan. At the same time, I really hope things will improve.


yacco: I was surprised by the amount of paperwork and preparations required to get into daycare.


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